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Providing support services and programs to promote the well being of every individual in the community.

group therapyEmerge Baltimore, Inc. is a licensed community-based, non-traditional, and client-oriented provider of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Maryland. We provide you with flexible and accessible services should you have a history with non-compliance through our clinical recommendations.

Our agency will collaborate with other community-based mental health programs, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Juvenile Services, Maryland Court Systems, and Social Workers. Together, we will help you identify immediate psychiatric rehabilitation interventions fit for your condition. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, color, nationality, origin, or level of disability.

Our Mission

We make it our mission to promote good mental health within the community through the services, training, and support programs we offer.

Our Goal and Objectives
  • To increase your ability to function and remain in your own community
  • To help stabilize your psychiatric or emotional symptoms in a less restrictive setting
  • To teach you positive ways of managing and coping with your psychiatric symptoms
  • To reduce social isolation, especially in children, with persistent psychiatric symptoms through the creation of a therapeutic environment, which is supportive, warm, and interactive.
  • To increase your self-esteem and self-concept through the development of life skills and adaptive abilities.
The Elements of the Complete Problem-Solving Process
  • Sources of Problems

    This is to know how to assess if the current state is not the desired condition.

  • Problem Selection Criteria

    This is to determine which problem to start from and where to focus the resources.

  • Roles & Responsibilities in Problem Solving

    This is to determine the role of each person during the process.

  • Training System

    This is to equip people with the skills and knowledge that they need for their role in problem-solving.

  • Set of Problem-Solving Tools

    This is to have a way to reach to the cause of the problem that is appropriate to its scale.

  • Monitoring System

    This to make sure that PDCA cycles have been closed and that the process of problem-solving was effective.

If you want to know more about our psychiatric rehabilitation services in Maryland, feel free to contact us today.